Mission Statement

APPA is a Community School

As a center of the community, APPA partners with a range of programs and agencies to support both the academic and social-emotional growth of our families.  APPA’s central community partner is the Bronx YMCA.  Y staff members serve as mentors and teaching assistants in each of our grade levels.  Middle school students may opt-in to the YMCA afterschool program, which offers free STEM, art, and enrichment programming to students each day until 5:30 pm. 


APPA also partners with Montefiore, which provides a free health clinic on site for all families.  Students may receive full dental, medical, and vision services through the clinic right on our floor.  

Academics and Programming

APPA is first and foremost a school for learning.  We offer the following challenging academic program:


  • AP History, English, and Spanish Courses
  • College Credit courses through Monroe College
  • Summer Youth Employment
  • SAT Prep Classes
  • Seal of Civic Readiness
  • Seal of Bilingualism

Leadership Pathways

Students at APPA complete one of two Leadership Pathways as a way to learn leadership skills.   Our Leadership program is grounded in the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens and supports students in developing the organizational, study, and collaborative skills necessary for success. 


Pathway 1: All Students

Pathway 2: Optional

7th Grade Enrichment:  The Leader in Me


9th Grade Freshmen Seminar: 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens


11th Grade College Readiness:  Take Charge


10th Grade Peace Ambassadors: Restorative Justice Training


11th Grade Peace Ambassadors: Mentors of Middle School Students


12th Grade: Lighthouse Tea,

Individualized Learning Path

Every student at APPA is challenged to grow as a learning and develop their literacy and mathematical skills.  Each student has an individual conference with their teacher about their skill level and sets goals to “grow their brain” over the course of the year.  All students are then placed in specific interventions and courses for their needs, with the goal of all students reading and doing math on grade level.  To that end, APPA provides:


  • High-Interest Classroom Libraries
  • Phonics, Comprehension, and fluency classes
  • Algebra Lab
  • Computer-Adapted Learning Software