Antonia Pantoja Preparatory Academy

1980 Lafayette Avenue, The Bronx, NY 10473

Main Office Room 285

Telephone: 718.824.3152

Fax: 718.824.3543


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Contact Information

Dr. M-J Mercanti-Anthony, Principal 718-824-3152 
Ms. Vivian Williams, Parent Coordinator 718-824-3152 ext. 12901
    718-824-3152 ext. 22857
Adam Waterbury, Assistant Principal 718-824-3152 ext. 22903
Lissette Castillo, Assistant Principal 718-824-3152 ext. 12471
Maria Muniz, Middle School Counselor 718-824-3152 ext. 12483
Martha Falconi, High School Counselor 718-824-3152 ext. 12981
Raquel Smith, PA President 718-824-3152 ext. 22857
Victoria Cipollaro, Transcript request for Stevenson H.S. (2009 or prior students)