Our Parent Thanksgiving Event

Our Parent Thanksgiving Event was held on Saturday, November 21st. I have attached a picture we took: our Parent Empowerment Team joined by NYPD 43rd Pct Youth Coordinator, Officer Perez and his team.

Thank you to staff members who donated: Singh & family, Lourdes & family, Williams & family, Ms. Falconi, Ms. Garcia, Mr. Waterbury, Ms. Madera, Ms. Torres, Ms. Santiago, Ms. Montas, Mr. Cadet, Ms. Fisher, Ms. Muniz, Ms. Giambrone, Ms. Karellas, Ms. Lopez, Ms. Posimato, Ms. Aviles, Ms. Sapiqoti, Mr. Nana, Marian, Ms. Green, Mr. Sam, Mr. Carrington, Mr. Kafexhiu, and Mariano.

Some of you ask to donate, however, we had already met our goal of 50 bags. We will be planning a similar event in December and will be reaching out.

As always, APPA Rocks! #APPAStrong